Modern designs of buildings, be it residential or commercial, necessitate the efficient usage of floor space as the cost of every square metre is at a premium. This has resulted in the phenomenal rise of and continued growth in fitted furniture made from laminated MDF board. Further, the cost of traditional solid wood furniture has become prohibitive apart from the obvious changes in fashion and taste, not to mention the patently clear implications for green issues and ecosystems.

Advances in Laminated MDF board technology and the associated comparative cost advantages, have given consumers a wide choice. It is no longer unreasonable for every residence to be able to afford a filled kitchen and fitted wardrobes; have numerous bookshelves and the like. Equally work places have slowly gravitated towards “fitted offices” designed to impart maximum efficiency, neatness and an element of kudos.

INOVA LTD. can fulfil all your fitted furniture needs ensuring the highest quality at the same time offering value for your money.

Fitted Furniture Range

Fitted Kitchens Wardrobes Lockers Shelves
Bookshelves Chests of Drawers Beds Bedside Tables
Office Furniture Fitted Offices School Desks Computer Desks