INOVA LTD. carries out steel fabrication of numerous products, listed below, to augment its construction and aluminium services. Consistently endeavouring to ensure the highest quality of finishes and compliance with exacting standards have earned the company a reputation unequalled by others.

Steel with its versatile properties is an eminently suitable material for the construction of a variety of building products. These can range from a basic hand rail to a portal framed warehouse and from complex staircases to roof structures.

Steel Products

INOVA LTD. fabricates numerous steel products including the following:

  • Steel Grills (burglar proofing)
  • Gates
  • Steel Doors
  • Steel Windows
  • Water Tanks
  • Water Tank Stands
  • Roof Trusses
  • Steel Pergolas
  • Bespoke Steel Fabrication

Steel Gallery